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All the of the instructors here received their Taekwondo training and dan ranking from Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim, a 9th degree blackbelt who continues to teach in Manhattan. Grandmaster Kim received his rank from General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of ITF Taekwondo and the creator of the 24 patterns we practice and teach.

We continue to receive guidance and teaching from Grandmaster Kim, and our students will be invited to various classes, seminars and camps he conducts every year. We are also proud members of his current organization, Taekwon-Do International.

Instructor Biographies

Master Kathryn Yang

Master Yang started her martial arts training 20 years ago as a Shotokan karate practitioner. Four years later she switched to Taekwondo and has been practicing the ITF style of Taekwondo since. Currently, she is a 5th dan black belt under Grandmaster Kim.

Having graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School, she is classically trained to read Kant, write briefs and dole out student loan repayment checks. After a four-year career at Cravath, Swaine & Moore she decided to dedicate her professional life to teaching traditional martial arts. To that end, she spent seven years instructing students of all ages and abilities at S.J. Kim's Taekwon-Do. This is her first independent dojang.

Master Yang believes that teaching and conscientiously passing knowledge to the next generation is a categorical imperative.